I moved to the Bay Area in 2008 after fifteen years in the Bronx and teaching at City University of New York. I'm now in the English Department at San Francisco State University and living with my family in the Oakland Hills. If you know me already, look me up on facebook .

I spent more than a decade in the Bronx - - New York City's hardest-working boro - - with my family. You can look here for a sporadic, ad hoc photo-documentary of what this experience is like. Mi espanol mejora poco a poco - - aprendi en Cartagena Universiteria Tecnologica de Bolivar, Cartagena, Colombia y en la Universidad de la Habana. (Pero, gracias por mis maestros y maestras en los vestibulos y las salas de City College!) If you'd like to see a sporadic, ad hoc photo-documentary of my travels around the globe - - from Germany to Dominican Republic to Brasil, you can look here. Baseball season begins - - and this year's Mosholu-Montefiore Athletics will be racking up some major scoreboard damage! Go A's! If you'd like, drop me a line. Update: the Mosh-Monte A's fought their way to the league world series - - a tough 6 inning battle ended with the Marlins defeating us 6 to 2. Great game! Great Season!

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