Courses Taught

San Francisco State University
  • Literature of Labor (grad)
  • Modern American Literature
  • Post-Bellum American Literature
  • Introduction to Cultural Studies (grad)
  • New Media in American Studies (grad)
  • American Literature and Culture in the 1890s (grad)

City College of New York, CUNY
  • The Revolutionary Imagination
  • Whitman and the American Epic (grad/undergrad)
  • Introduction to American Studies
  • The Detective Narrative
  • Representative 20th Century U.S. Writers
  • Introduction to Cultural Studies
  • American Cultural Theory (grad)
  • American Political Novel (grad)
  • Proletarian Literature (grad)
  • Introduction to Critical Reading and Writing II
  • Representative 19th Century U.S. Writers
  • The Great Depression: Culture and History
  • Writing for the Humanities
  • World Humanities
  • Freshman Composition